An Oasis Of Healing Patient Testimonial

An Oasis of Healing is a comprehensive and integrative medical and healing facility that helps patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer. The three-Pillared Foundation Is: 1.An Oasis of Healing is an out-patient facility yet patients arrive at 8am and are usually at the center engaged in different aspects of their program until 4-5pm. Patients usually receive.Patient Testimonials Addiction / Substance Recovery Anoxic Brain Injury Autism Concussion Diabetic Wounds of the Lower Extremities General Wellness lyme migraine headache multiple Sclerosis Osteoradionecrosis – (delayed radiation injury to bone) Pancreatitis and Colitis Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) Radionecrosis (delayed radiation injury to.In 2012, when the first wave of veterans was returning from the Middle East, these types of experiences were so prevalent at OASIS that “the patients asked for a separate. and the author of.cancer patients experience many emotions before, during and after treatment. Emotional effects therapies, such as meditation, counseling and pet therapy, help cancer patients cope with the challenges.

This video,, can also be seen at offers a comprehensive website boasting impressive cancer survival statistics for stage 4 breast, lung, colorectal and ovarian cancers compared to statistics provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Stage 4 statistics are given because that is when most cancer patients arrive at the Oasis of Hope Hospital. Oasis of Hope WebsiteI chose the Healing Oasis to pursue my studies in this subject as their coursework and teaching staff has a reputation among the Veterinary Profession as the absolute best and most complete. The school and staff have credentials that are unquestionably superior to any other similar facility in the United States.Creating a compassionate and healing environment for children and their loved ones. Our philosophy embraces preventative medicine as well as wellness education for patients and their families. We value the notion of treating our patients as a whole and not simply a symptom.An Oasis of Healing is a gift from God, to say the least. I transformed the fear of a life threateni. ng illness into faith in God and faith in my body’s ability to heal itself. I learned what the root of true health really means and what cancer is at a cellular level. Once I gained this knowledge, I knew cancer didn’t stand a chance.