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This video,, can also be seen at to AdvancedMD. AdvancedMD, Inc. All rights reserved. support; system requirements; Support policyIntegrative medicine is a combination of medical treatments for cancer and complementary therapies to cope with the symptoms and side effects. You may sometimes hear integrative medicine called complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. However, there are no true "alternatives" to cancer treatment.This section provides information on the following topics:Integrative oncology integrates unscientific practices into science-based medicine, and, worse, the pseudoscience at the heart of so many of the non-biologically based subdivisions of CAM is so pervasive, so embedded in the very fabric of integrative oncology, that it opens the door to clinical trials of dubious efficacy and the wasting of time.American Academy of Family Physicians represents 134,600 family physicians, residents, & students, providing advocacy, education, patient & practice resources.Their definition did not include the kinds of complementary treatments such as relaxation training that are often offered by cancer centers along with standard medical care. In this context,Target and eliminate cancer while causing the least amount of harm possible. Rebalance and enhance the immune system. It is important to understand that this integrative cancer therapies program is not to be based on theory alone, but rather upon real-life experience born out of working with a multitude of people with cancer.At Salish Cancer Center we believe that the combination of conventional cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) and integrative oncology (naturopathic medicine, traditional Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture) creates a truly modern oncology practice.At Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, we are proud to offer integrative oncology services to supplement traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. The Abramson Cancer Center’s wide range of integrative oncology options are designed to help you.Integrative oncology is a patient-centered (theme 6), evidence-informed (theme 1) approach to health care (theme 4) that uses mind-body therapies, natural products, and lifestyle modification (theme 7) as adjunct to conventional cancer treatments (theme 2) and is ideally provided by a multidisciplinary team of care providers (theme 5).Published by oxford university press, Integrative Oncology is aimed at health professionals but can be understood by cancer patients and their families as well as by health-conscious individuals concerned with cancer prevention. The book is the first in a planned series on integrative medicine’s role in various medical specialties including psychiatry, rheumatology, asthma and immunology.