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This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cv_iviLwTo, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1i2JmrYr2rgLa8vYRrnFg.The time is allotted, the pastels arranged, the surface prepared, and the inspiration is just absent. When this happens, a surefire way of recharging those batteries of inspiration is a road trip. As a landscape painter, and one that loves working en plein air, I find exploring new territory and allowing for serendipity, will lead to enthusiasm.Find inspiration from things in your life, and learn to be open to that inspiration. Clear your mind so you can take that inspiration and turn it into steps to meet your goal. stepsmy modern met: claiming to share creativity and promote a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity, My Modern Met is a daily feast of creative inspiration. 3. Colossal: Launched in 2010 by writer and curator christopher jobson, Colossal is an inspiring visual art, design and culture blog, and one of the biggest on the web. 4.Sometimes finding creative inspiration can seem difficult, but certain things can fuel ideas for any work of art, be it a story, painting, song, film or anything else. 1. Think. Simple – listen to your thoughts, note them down and work on them. Even if something seems stupid, pen it down and see what you can come up with.The blog article is great. The article looks at the 99 inspirational art quotes from famous artists. Are you interested in reading inspirational art quotes from famous artists? If you like, then, you should read the article and you can find some inspirational quotes from famous artists. More : Cheap essay writing services. Reply DeleteThat knowledge is the inspiration behind Spirited Breeze Care Farm. In addition to our animal-based experiences, we also.When pros and not-so-pros came together Friday night, Aug. 16, at the Riverside Art Museum, their helium-filled creations.Get inspirational quotes and sayings in a size to fit your wall space. Inspirational wall art comes in a lot of different sizes. You can find pieces as small as 10" that can fit just about anywhere. Try one in that square of empty space on your kitchen wall or a long wall art quote over the door to your room.